About OrderCarpet.com

We at OrderCarpet.com have been in the carpet business for over 20 years. Prior to launching this web site, we have operated a successful factory showroom in Rhode Island. We have accounts with the best mills and manufacturers in the country and we know how to get the best prices on carpeting and pass them over to you.

Compare Shop On The Internet

OrderCarpet.com was opened in March 2000 as a new an economical way for people to buy carpeting. By using the far reaching abilities of the internet, the consumer is able to shop and compare for prices and services from anywhere in the world.

Find The Perfect Carpet

 You can’t make a decision on carpeting by viewing pictures on the computer, so we recommend that you search your local dealers for your desired flooring. When you have found the perfect carpet and you are ready to make a purchase, you can request a free, no obligation quote from OrderCarpet.com.

All The Major Mills

You can be assured that the carpeting that you order through OrderCarpet.com will be the same exact carpeting that you picked out at you local showroom because it will come from the same manufacturer that your local dealer will get it from. Because of the large quantity of carpeting that we purchase we are able to sell it to the public at wholesale prices. By ordering your carpeting from us you can save 50 to 70 % off retail.

$ave Money Now

So before you purchase that expensive carpeting please feel free to send for your free no-obligation quote from OrderCarpet.com. Thank you for visiting OrderCarpet.com, your online carpet store.